From corporate functions to school productions, on-site DVD duplication and live event streaming, Captures has the experience and expertise to meet your exact needs. Below is a selection of our most popular services.

Live Switched Video

Live switching allows you to cover an event such as a stage show, wedding, motocross competition, etc., with multiple camera angles; effectively doing away with the need for later editing. As the event unfolds the best camera angle can be selected and cameras positioned to give the best shot for the video. If any camera issues arise (like focus and light levels) they can be dealt with immediately and not become something that could need fixing in post production. Another benefit of live edited video is that it can be displayed on the big screen during the production.

Corporate Events

Captures can cover all types of corporate events such as Corporate and Private Functions, Award Ceremonies, Gala Dinners, Team Building, Stage Shows and Conferences. We can produce the video live to the big screen and also run Power Point presentations in conjunction if required.

Live Music Videos

We have done a number of live music videos – this is where a performer or group sing a track or number of tracks live to an audience. See our Sample Videos on YouTube for a selection of live music shows.

Graduation Ceremonies

Captures have specialised in the area of Graduation Ceremony videoing for well over 12 years. We look after some of the largest Universities in New Zealand and have built an infrastructure tailored specifically to their unique needs. See the Live Production Services section for more information about our Graduation Ceremony services.

HD and SD Video Editing

Whether you require your finished product in high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) Captures can edit in both. We generally record in HD so if you require the finished media on DVD then we can down convert the footage to SD in post production. We can also keep your HD footage on file so that if required in the future it is available for blu-ray or video file production.

School Productions

We understand that schools have budget constraints in regards to covering video production for school events like end of year shows. To reduce the cost of filming the production, Captures have developed a cost structure where the majority of the fee can be recovered with DVD sales. CVP can also utilise your film studies students as camera operators and involve them in the production process. This gives the students a real world experience and allows them to put into practice what they have learnt over the year. The students will have communication head sets on so that they can be supervised and instructed by the video switcher operator. Students as young as 9 years old have been used to help on the video cameras, as you would expect the finished job may not be ‘perfect’ but the staff and parents have been very satisfied with the finished DVD.


Coverage can include the girls getting ready; hair and makeup, departure at the bride’s leaving address, the guests arriving at the wedding venue, the service in full, informal filming whilst your day progresses following events such as the photo session, and concludes at the reception venue with the cutting of the cake and the Bride and Groom’s first dance together. With the use of music of your choice and edited highlights of the day section at the end of your DVD, it will be a treasured visual memory of your day.

DVD Duplication

Captures have a CD & DVD duplication service and can tailor the finished product to fit within your budget. This can be from an unprinted disc in a cake box to a full printed DVD and sleeve in a case. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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